Our Benefits

One of the biggest benefits that our clients have is that our security personnel will not be a member of any unions, their payment, salary, P.F, E.S.I.C, bonus, absentees, uniform and transfer will not be a matter of the Society’s concern. They will work in accordance with your policy and principles but will be paid and looked after by us.

We provide a team of well-trained, disciplined, and hardworking personnel at the best rates so as to relieve our clients from all worries relevant to safety, security, and facility management.

Surprise Checks: We ensure that there are surprise checks conducted so that the security persons are always regular in their duty. Strict action is taken when they fail to adhere to rules during the surprise checks.

No Pilferage: We ensure that there are no pilferages.

Contact with Police: We Maintain proper contact and liaison with the police to ensure that when need be they can be immediately informed.

Discipline in the Premises: Our guards will ensure that there is a proper discipline maintained in the premises.

Water Supply by Pump Machine: Our guards will also take care of the water supply, pumping up the machine daily on a regular basis.

Gatepass File Maintenance: We ensure that all our security persons are trained on maintening the gatepass files.

Keep Record of all Vehicle: We ensure that all the vehicle numbers are noted by the guard as a precautionary measure.

Fire Fighting Equipment Knowledge: All our guards are trained in handling the fire-fighting equipements in case there is a fire in a building they will be able to take the action immediately.

Confidential Reporting: Confidential reports will also be shared with the management in special cases so they can take the required actions.

Prevent Unforseen Incidence: We ensure that all our guards are trained to keep their attention to any potential unforseen incidence and prevent it before it is about to take place.

Security of society’s assets and properties: The guards will not only ensure that there is safety of the members but also will ensure that the assets and properties are not damaged by anyone.

Lift Man: All our persons are also well-trained on how to operate as a liftman. We can also help you get one for your society.

Keeping a note of all the visitors:  Keeping of register movement of visitors, internal gate passes etc. all the time.